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Pitcairn Islands Tourism has created a series of virtual tours below for travelers to get a taste of our islands. You can visit our main square, go underwater in our marine reserve, have an afternoon swim at the wharf, check out a local homestay, hike up to Christian’s Cave, and stargaze in our International Dark Sky Sanctuary: Mata ki te Rangi.
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Welcome to Oeno Island - a beautiful island untouched by development, and surrounded by white sandy beaches. the Island is home to a number of birds such as the Murphy's Petrel, Sooty Tern, Brown Noddy, and other species. With the successful eradication of rats in 1997 these birds have a higher chance of survival and will, hopefully, flourish.

The Pitcairn Islands are home to the worlds largest, no-take Marine reserve, covering 840,000 square kilometres. Established in 2015, The Pitcairn Islands Marine Reserve provides protection to some of the most pristine waters and coral reefs on earth.

Walk the Eco Trail to Sailors Hide and Christian’s Cave
The Eco trail provides an accessible, easy wander through Pitcairn's flora featuring native and endemic species. This gentle wander through huge overhanging rock formations, where it is said the mutineers made a fiery brew from the root of the 'ti' plant, also offers a walk back in time, to sites like 'Sailors Hide', before the climb to Christian's Cave.

Pitcairn is a laid back travel destination with a variety of activities available. A favourite for many on the island is an afternoon swim down at the Pitcairn shore-line

There are several different accommodation options provided on Pitcairn, from full board home stays, semi-private studio apartments and private 2 & 3 bedroom fully furnished homes.

Explore the Public Square and the Church in Adamstown, population of around 50 (as of 2020)
In Adamstown village you will find the Post office, General Store, Museum, Public Hall, Seventh Day Adventist Church, The Government Treasury. The General Store has a good range of basic supplies and accepts a range of currencies. Every item has to be brought in on the supply ship that arrives approximately every three months. Fresh baked bread and home range eggs are often available from locals as well. The Post Office stocks the world renown Pitcairn Stamps and First Day Covers.

Wander around the Pitcairn Island cemetery where generations of Bounty descendants are laid to rest.

Since early 2011 the Pew Environment Group’s Global Ocean Legacy project worked with the Pitcairn islanders on the idea of establishing a large scale marine reserve within their waters. In March 2012 the National Geographic Society and Global Ocean Legacy conducted an expedition to Pitcairn to assess the health of the marine environment around all four islands, and also – for the first time ever – used dropcams, to investigate the deep water areas. The surveys revealed an incredibly healthy marine ecosystems, as well as plants and animals new to science.

The Pitcairn Islands have exceptionally stunning dark skies, free from all light pollution. In late 2018 the Government of Pitcairn Islands made application to the International Dark Sky Association (IDSA) for the 4 islands in the Pitcairn Islands group to be granted the status of an International Dark Sky Sanctuary (IDSS). On March 18th 2019 the IDSA formally approved Mata ki te Rangi – being designated an official International Dark Sky Sanctuary

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