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From March 31st, 2022, Pitcairn's Borders will be open!!

Pitcairn’s supply ship, MV Silver Supporter, will be adding Freighter Tour Berths In addition to carrying essential supplies to and from Pitcairn, for Pitcairn Islanders and Government contracted workers, with strict quarantine and other COVID-safe protocols in place.

Please Note: this Schedule is Subject to Change, any passengers booked on any of the voyages below will be contacted and advised of any changes to the schedule.

Last Updated: March 30th 2022

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Silver Supporter pictured here in August 2019

2022 Shipping Schedule

Voyage 52 - April 3rd NEW ZEALAND - PITCAIRN

  • Depart New Zealand April 3rd
  • Arrive Pitcairn April 15th
  • Depart Pitcairn April 20th
  • Arrive New Zealand May 4th

4 Visitor Berths Available

If you have any questions, please
Contact Us

Voyage F53 - May 19th NEW ZEALAND - PITCAIRN

  • Depart New Zealand May 19th
  • Arrive Pitcairn May 31st
  • Depart Pitcairn June 7th
  • Arrive New Zealand June 21st

4 Visitor Berths Available

If you have any questions, please
Contact Us

Baggage Allowance

  • 2 pieces of carry-on bags, a Laptop and/or handbag per person.
  • 4 suitcases per person not exceeding 20 kg per Suitcase
  • No passenger break bulk is permitted.
  • All other goods must be shipped via containers.


At time of publication these schedules are correct however they are subject to change so please Contact Us prior to making your bookings.

MV Silver Supporter Travel Terms & Conditions can be viewed here

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