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The Pitcairn Island General Store and the Warehouse

Established as a co-operative society in 1967, the store has provided for the household needs of the community ever since. It is now a “General Store”, run as a government department, with a staff of three. The Store contains three refrigerators and six chest freezers, stocking frozen meat, vegetables etc. Groceries, toiletries, clothing and footwear, kitchenware and stationary are stocked on the shelves. The items are purchased in New Zealand and sent to the island on the supply ship four times a year. The separate Warehouse stocks; timber, plumbing, electrical, white ware, gardening supplies, auto parts and general hardware.

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The Pitcairn Island Post Office

Buys Pitcairn’s World Famous Stamps and First Day Covers, Buy Post Cards and the Guide to Pitcairn. Send your Postcards to Family and Friends.

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The Government Treasury

At the GT Office, you can Change Currency and draw Cash on your Credit Cards.

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Pitcairn Curio and Crafts

Traditional and contemporary wood carvings, hand painted leaves, models of the HMAV Bounty and the Island's Longboats, First Day Stamp Covers, hand-made soaps, traditional and contemporary woven baskets, hand-made jewelry, tapa cloth, books, Honey & Honey products and all kinds of keepsakes - there really is something for everyone including 'traveller staples' like Pitcairn Island T-Shirts and Caps.

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