Pitcairn's isolation is in itself a real enticement for many travellers. This and the fact that we don't have an airport make getting here an integral part of the Pitcairn experience.

You will first start your journey flying from your homeland via Auckland, Los Angeles or Tokyo to Tahiti in French Polynesia. Once you arrive in Tahiti, you will likely spend a few nights in a hotel or pension until you board the Air Tahiti Tuesday flight from Tahiti to Mangareva. So you need to make sure you can book your flight before contacting our booking office to secure your berth on the Silver Supporter.

On arrival in Mangareva, just 300 miles west north-west of Pitcairn, you will take the short ferry ride from the airport to Rikitea village to board the Silver Supporter. You will be met by the captain and crew of the Silver Supporter at the wharf and transferred directly to the ship to ready yourself for your final 32 hour ocean crossing to Pitcairn.

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Booking Options

4 Days on Pitcairn

11 Days on Pitcairn

18 Days on Pitcairn*

1 week round trip from Mangareva

  • Day 1 - Depart Mangareva 5pm
  • Day 2 - At Sea
  • Day 3 - Arrive Pitcairn 8am*
  • Day 6 - Depart Pitcairn 5pm
  • Day 7 - At Sea
  • Day 8 - Arrive Mangareva 7am

2 week round trip from Mangareva

  • Day 1 - Depart Mangareva 5pm
  • Day 2 - At Sea
  • Day 3 - Arrive Pitcairn 8am*
  • Day 13 - Depart Pitcairn 5pm
  • Day 14 - At Sea
  • Day 15- Arrive Mangareva 7am

3 week round trip from Mangareva

  • Day 1 - Depart Mangareva 5pm
  • Day 2 - At Sea
  • Day 3 - Arrive Pitcairn 8am*
  • Day 20 - Depart Pitcairn 5pm
  • Day 21 - At Sea
  • Day 22 - Arrive Mangareva 7am

* Normal arrival time at Pitcairn is 8am, subject to change due to weather conditions. Average crossing time between Mangareva and Pitcairn is 32 hours.
* A Long Term Visitor Visa is required for visits longer than 14 days on Pitcairn.

Long Term Stays on Pitcairn

Visitors wishing to stay longer can travel to Pitcairn, from Mangareva, on one rotation and depart on another.

For example:

Depart Mangareva on Voyage 2P2019 - Tuesday 19th March / Arrive Pitcairn Thursday 21st March
Depart Pitcairn on Voyage 8P2019 - Sunday 28th April / Arrive Manageva Tuesday 30th April

This enables a 39 days stay on Island*

* A Long Term Visitor Visa is required for visits longer than 14 days on Pitcairn.

Flight Availability - Air Tahiti - Linking Tahiti and her Islands

The only airline operating domestic flights to Mangareva is Air Tahiti.

MV Bravo Supporter’s schedule has been arranged to meet the Tuesday Flight to/from Tahiti.

For booking flights, the flight code for Mangareva, in French Polynesia is: GMR

You can check seat availability here on Air Tahiti’s Web Site: https://www.airtahiti.com

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Book your Berth for 2020 & early 2021 now!

Price - NZ $ 5,500* - per person return from Mangareva on board MV Silver Supporter

Contact us now to discuss your once in a lifetime journey to Pitcairn Island.

What is included in the Price?
• All meals, Tea, Coffee on Silver Supporter
• Towels and bed linen on board Silver Supporter
• Transfers to and from Accommodation on Pitcairn.

What is not included in the price?
• Your flights from Tahiti to Mangareva.
• Home stay accommodation whilst on Pitcairn (from US$70.00 per person) Home stay accommodation rates are charged on a per person/ per day basis, this being due to passenger vessels generally leaving in the late afternoon. A typical stay will therefore be quoted as four or eleven full days.
• Travel Insurance.
• Medical Insurance (medical insurance is compulsory for all travelers to Pitcairn, and must include provision for medical evacuation)

* NOTE Price excludes Air Fares to and from Mangareva, Landing and Passport fees on Pitcairn and Accommodation on Pitcairn.
The Pitcairn Islands Office will accept the following payment only. Credit Card, Telegraphic Transfer, Bank Cheque, Direct Credit.
The Pitcairn Islands Office will not accept the following: Western Union, PayPal or any other such like agencies.

Specialist Pitcairn Agents

To book a packaged tour to Pitcairn Island please contact one of our Specialist Pitcairn Agents below. Or, contact Pitcairn Islands Tourism directly for more information.

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Australian Travel Agents only

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Transit in Mangareva & Boarding the Ship

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Mangareva in the Gambier Islands (GMR) is the transfer point between flights from/to Papeete, Tahiti and Pitcairn’s supply ship, MV Silver Supporter. The ship operates to meet the flight.
Tahiti to Pitcairn:  You arrive on VT 953 at around 1.20 pm at Totegegie Airport, which is located on an outer islet (motu), collect bags and board the airport shuttle boat (Navette) to the main island. The cost for the shuttle boat is French Pacific Francs (XPF) 1,000 each way (not included in tour price) and is payable in cash direct to the shuttle boat operator.  The trip takes about 40 minutes to reach the wharf at Rikitea (the main settlement on Mangareva).  Tahiti to Pitcairn Island (Outbound journey)

The Silver Supporter will be anchored in the lagoon. Silver Supporter crew will meet you at the wharf where the Navette arrives. You will be advised of sailing time (which is usually around 4 pm) and transferred by tender to the ship. You will be safely assisted with boarding the ship via the tender being winched aboard or the ship’s Jacobs Ladder, a rope ladder with wooden rungs used to access the ship from the side. The Ship’s Captain will collect your passports for stamping and clearance at the local Gendarmes. Your passports will be returned to you before you land at Pitcairn Island. Disembarkation at Pitcairn will be via the Jacobs Ladder to board the Island’s longboat for the short journey to the Landing. On Pitcairn the Pitcairn Police and Immigration Officer will stamp your passports.

Pitcairn to Tahiti:  Transfer back to the MV Silver Supporter is by one of Pitcairn’s longboats and you embark via the ship’s Jacobs Ladder. Arrival back into Mangareva lagoon is generally the next evening and you will be transferred by tender back to Rikitea dock early the next day.  Once immigration is cleared (Captain again takes passports to Gendarmes and returns them prior to full disembarkation).   The shuttle boat leaves for the airport from the same dock around 11 am and again 40 minutes back to Totegegie Airport (XPF 1,000 cash fare, not included in tour price). VT 959 departs around 1.50 pm back to Papeete.

Visiting Pitcairn and being fit to travel

Pitcairn Island is one of the world’s most remote destinations, which is part of the islands’ attraction.
With this comes inherent risks and it is important you are aware of these risks. Our terms and conditions of carriage outline this. View our Terms and Conditions

Facilities for less mobile visitors are either non-existent or extremely limited. It is important to note that bookings can only be accepted on the basis you understand these restrictions. You must be of a reasonable level of fitness and have the physical capacity to undertake, including but not limited to, the following:

  • Assisted boarding via the ship’s Jacob Ladder. There is generally no gangway to embark or disembark the MV Silver Supporter or the Pitcairn Longboats (which shuttle passengers between ship and shore at Pitcairn) and you will be required to move between one and the other, with assistance, via a Jacobs Ladder in a sea swell.

  • Ascend and descend steep stairways aboard a moving vessel. The MV Silver Supporter is a working cargo ship and stairs between decks are steep and narrow. There is no lift on board the ship.

  • Walk across rugged terrain and ascend/descend steep slopes. Pitcairn is a beautiful and picturesque sub-tropical island. The island is also rugged with many steep and unpaved pathways, slopes and chasms. Whilst walking sticks are available, there are only limited railings

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