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Keeping the Pitcairn Islands COVID Free

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Aug 4th 2020.

Lying half way between New Zealand and Peru, deep in the South Pacific, the Pitcairn Islands group is certainly one of the world’s most remote tourism destinations. With a permanent population of less than 50, Pitcairn Island is also the smallest populated territory in the world.

From the onset of the coronavirus pandemic, keeping Pitcairn’s remote population safe has been a priority. The Government of Pitcairn Islands quickly established its COVID-19 Management Protocols and continues to strictly control its borders.

All passengers’ services, on the Silver Supporter, between Mangareva and Pitcairn, are suspended. Pitcairn’s shipping schedule has been revised and the supply ship, will now travel only between Pitcairn & New Zealand. This restriction will remain in place until March 31st 2021.

In order for Pitcairn to operate at full capacity throughout the coronavirus pandemic only Pitcairn residents, essential contracted staff and their partners, are permitted to travel on the Silver Supporter between NZ and Pitcairn. This restriction will remain in place until 31st March 2021.

All cruise ships, tour vessels and yachts are prohibited from landing passengers at Pitcairn Island and the exchange of provisions (unless urgently required) is not permitted. This restriction will also remain in place until 31st March 2021.

“Extending our border controls until the end of March next year has been a difficult decision, but the right one for Pitcairn. Our small community and our government leaders recognize the need for us to stay safe and care for one another during these challenging times”, said Heather Menzies, Pitcairn Islands Tourism Travel Coordinator. “COVID-19 presents serious challenges for the global community, but even more so for a remote destination like Pitcairn – our best defense is to do all that we can to keep the virus from reaching us.”

A review of Pitcairn’s border controls will take place in early 2021 and we look forward to once again sharing our warm hospitality, our unique culture and our pristine land and sea environments with those lucky few who visit us every year!

To stay up to date on Pitcairn’s COVID-19 measures and travel restrictions, please visit our tourism website

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