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Currency and Cash

Pitcairn's Official Currency is the New Zealand Dollar. However, all Pitcairn Island Accommodation costs and local souvenirs are priced in US Dollars. You can access cash on Credit Cards and have money exchanged at the Government Treasury Office, located in the town square. Post Office and General Store purchases are priced in New Zealand Dollars.
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Pitcairn’s average summer temperature ranges from 20-30 degrees centigrade. In winter it can drop as low as 17 degrees centigrade. The humidity ranges from 60-100% all year round. Winter temperatures can be felt from May to October. Roads and walkways can become very muddy and slippery in the winter months. During summer the island can become tinder dry and very dusty.  There is a HIGH FIRE RISK in dry weather. All care must be taken when extinguishing cigarettes. Pitcairn’s fresh water catchment is dependent on rainfall. In dry weather consideration must be given to water conservation.

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Be Mindful & Ask For Help

Most  Pitcairn households will have a sturdy handmade Pitcairn walking stick available – don’t be afraid to ask  for one -  they work wonders , going both  up and down hill – and make a wonderful keep sake.
There are many remarkable, must see, natural attractions on Pitcairn Island. Some are not easily accessible.  It is strongly recommended that you USE LOCAL GUIDES when visiting these sites and that you are prepared and able to deal with Pitcairn’s sometimes rugged environment. Be sure to always let your hosts know where you are going when you explore the island independently. In hot weather always carry drinking water.

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Clothing and Footware

Clothing should be comfortable and light weight. Visitors are advised to bring trousers, a warm jumper and light rain coat for wet weather and cooler winter nights.  Hats, sun glasses and sun-block are essential in the summer months. You will need COMFORTABLE, STRONG WALKING SHOES when exploring Pitcairn Island.  Many roads and walkways to the island’s historic and natural attractions are steep and gravelly - all care must be taken regardless of weather conditions.
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The is 1 small General Store that sells everything for your daily needs, Items include Frozen Meat, Frozen Veg, Canned and Dried goods, Toiletries, Cleaning Products, Alcohol and Tobacco Products, Fishing supplies etc. The Store is open 3 times a week, on Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday from 8am -9am. Souvenirs can be purchased from your Hosts, and a Market day is held when the Bravo Supporter arrives so Tourists can brows all local products.

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Electricity is provided by Diesel generators which run for 16.5 hours a day from 6:30am -10pm. Local voltage is 230-240Volts. For electrical travel adaptors - Pitcairn’s plug / socket system is the Australia / New Zealand standard.
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On-Island Transfers & Transportation

All Pitcairn Accommodation hosts welcome their guests at the Bounty Bay Landing on arrival providing free transfers, generally via 4 wheel Quad Bikes. Quad Bikes are the primary means of transportation on the island. While islanders are skilled riders in all types of weather and road conditions, quads bikes are not designed to carry passengers and accidents can occur. Visitors should be aware that travelling on quad bikes is undertaken at the passenger’s own risk.  Local safety standards require that no more than 2 passengers per vehicle may be carried at any one time.
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Prior to 2002, Pitcairn's only form of communication with the out side world was via Ham Radio and 1 government owned Inmarsat Satellite Phone. In 2002 the USGS installed a Satellite link to send Seismic data off island and allowed the Pitcairners to piggy back off the system and provided a Wi-Fi network over Adamstown giving locals their first ever connection to the World Wide Web. In those days speeds were excruciatingly slow at 19kbps!!

In December 2017 the British Government funded a brand new Telecommunications system partnering up with SPEEDCAST Communications to implement a 4G LTE Mobile Network in Adamstown with shared speeds of 5.0Mbps

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What should I pack to bring with me on my trip?

• All personal toiletries.
• Travel sickness medication.
• Australia / New Zealand electrical plug travel adaptor (230volts)
• Insect repellent.
• Good pair of walking shoes and sandals.
• Light wind / rain coat.
• Cash for accommodation and souvenirs. Pitcairn's Official currency is New Zealand Dollars, however all souvenirs and accommodation are priced in US Dollars. (credit cards can be used at the Island Treasury Office to draw cash on your cards)
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A successful Seventh-day Adventist mission in the 1890s was important in shaping early Pitcairn society. In more recent years, church attendance has declined but most Pitcairners still attend church on special occasions and visitors are always welcome. Dress code is tidy casual. The church, which was built in 1954, is run by the Church board and resident Pastor, who usually serves a two-year term. The Sabbath School meets at 9.30am on Saturday mornings and is followed by the main service (Divine Service) an hour later. On. The Sabbath (Saturday) is observed as a day of rest and as a mark of respect for observant Adventists.

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