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MV Claymore II, Pitcairn Islands Dedidcated Passenger / Cargo Vessel

MV Claymore II is a New Zealand-registered passenger-cargo ship, built in 1968 as the buoy tender Konrad Meisel for the German Government and later owned in South Africa as Isibane. She provides the essential transport links to the remote Pacific territory of Pitcairn Island from New Zealand and French Polynesia, under charter by the British Government.
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Claymore II is contracted by the Pitcairn Island Council, and subsidised by the British Government, to make four annual round trips to deliver cargo and supplies to Pitcairn Island from New Zealand, currently loading at Tauranga.

She also makes eight subsidised round trips each year, from Pitcairn to Mangareva, French Polynesia, the nearest airport, for passengers to connect to the air service to Tahiti.

As Pitcairn has no port facilities, all cargo and passengers are landed on the island from Claymore II by longboat.

About the MV Claymore II

The Claymore II provides travelers with all that they need for a safe and comfortable voyage to Pitcairn Island. Please be advised that the Claymore II is a 'working vessel' not a luxury cruise ship - so amenities and accommodation are bright, clean and practical.
The vessel accommodates 12 passengers in private twin share Air Conditioned cabins on the lower deck. We cannot provide private quarters for all passengers if the ship is fully booked. Guests have their own shared dinning and lounge area on Deck 3, with plenty of books and movies and a 42" HD LCD television to help pass the time. All meals, bedding and towels are provided and snacks and beverages are available in the shared break room, close to the galley. If passengers enjoy a drink after dinner it's BYO.
Also, if you are prone to sea sickness it is advised to bring appropriate medication with you.

You will also need to have XPF 1000 (French Pacific Francs) (about US$10.50) to pay for the ferry trip from the airport to Rikitea village in Mangareva. You will be met by the captain and crew of the Claymore at the wharf and transferred directly to the ship in preparation for departure. On arrival at Pitcairn you will be required to pay a US$50.00 (in cash) landing and passport fee.

The regular passenger service offers visitors a stay of either: 4 or 11 days on Pitcairn and all voyages are timed to connect with flights to and from Tahiti from Mangareva. You won't have to apply for a visa if your visit is for less than 14 days. If you intend to apply for a long term visitor Visa Please visit the Pitcairn Islands Office Web Site

To make enquiries about Booking your berth on the Claymore II, please feel free to Contact Us

Owned and Operated by Nigel Jolley, Stoney Creek Shipping Company Ltd.

Ship Info

  • Flag: New Zealand
  • Call Sign: ZMG2228
  • I.M.O. # 6815691
  • Port of registry: Tauranga, New Zealand
  • Length: 160' (48.80m)
  • Beam: 32' (9.5m)
  • Draft: 12' (3.75m)
  • Cruising Speed: 9.5 knots
  • Range: 9,000 nautical miles
  • Fuel: 165,000 ltrs
  • Passenders: 12 in 2 berth cabins
  • Crew: 8
  • Displacement: 486 tone
  • Power: 2 x DESTZ 560 K.W - 750 H.P ea. Single Screw Variable Pitch Propeller.
  • Bow Thruster: Kamewa 180 H.P
  • Generators: Shaft Driven 700 K.V.A
  • Built: 1966 in Jadewerft, Wilhelmshaven

Photos of Claymore II

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