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Come Explore... The Legendary Pitcairn Islands

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Pitcairn Island Cruise Ship Schedule & Information for Cruise Ship Operators

If you're planning on adding Pitcairn Island as a destination for your Cruise Ship, please Contact Us

Legendary Pitcairn Island is visited by a small number of cruise ships every year and each visit is a big occasion on Pitcairn. Local residents are very aware that stopping at Pitcairn Island is a real highlight for many international travellers and the entire Pitcairn community is always at the ready to ensure that these excited, one day visitors enjoy a truly memorable visit to the island's rocky shores - this is a truly unique travel destination.

In close communication with the island prior to arrival, visiting cruise ships often arrange for a local lecture and Pitcairn Curio & Craft Market to be held on board if sea conditions are not suitable to safely land passengers.

But, when sea and weather conditions are right, hundreds of lucky visitors get to make it ashore throughout the season. Visiting Cruise ships generally opt to use their own tenders making the trip to the landing at Bounty Bay a short journey. Once ashore passengers are heartily welcomed by Pitcairn Islands Tourism staff before making their way up the Hill of Difficulty to Adamstown and beyond either on foot or on the back of a 4-wheel drive Quad Bike!

On average there are between 10-15 cruise ships booked to stop at Pitcairn each season. To book your vessels visit to Pitcairn Island, please contact the Pitcairn Island Office.

Please be advised, Most ships booked in to stop at Pitcairn with large numbers of passengers onboard (1,000+) only stop for 3 hours or so. This is NOT sufficient time, we recommend a minimum of 5-6 hours. If you cannot land your passenger, the Pitcairn Islands Tourism Department will liaise with the ship to arrange the Pitcairn community boarding to set up their curio & craft market and to provide lectures.
We recommend that any Vessels planning on stopping stay for at least 5 hours, this is sufficient time for your passengers to peruse the market and spend time with the locals.

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How To Land Your Passengers On Pitcairn Island

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Many of the Expedition ships, with around 100-300 passengers, use their own Zodiacs to land their passengers on Pitcairn. The only safe landing site is Bounty Bay, the only port on the Island.

Sometimes the larger ships, around 500 passengers, successfully land almost all their passengers using their own Tenders. Although Pitcairn's landing area at Bounty Bay is small, Tenders can easily enter the harbor and turn around, one at a time.

Tenders from the MS Europa Land their Passengers on Pitcairn Island, January 15th, 2013

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Tenders from the MS Europa Land their Passengers on Pitcairn Island, January 15th, 2013
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MV Marina Anchoring at Pitcairn, January 8th, 2013

Information Pack

If you are planning on Visiting Pitcairn, please download the GPI Conditions for Cruise Vessels.